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Meet the Creator.

Hey there! I'm Emily.


I graduated from Penn State and got my first job teaching high school physics.


My fiancé at the time (now husband) was deployed and I decided to start a little cookie decorating side hustle to fill my time while he was away.


Enter COVID-19. Schools closed for "two weeks." Next thing I knew summer came and went, I got married, and we were starting a new school year…from home. Teaching from home was miserable, but my cookie business really took off!


Schools opened up again. With the orders rolling in and way less time home to complete them, the burn out started to hit. I desperately needed to find a way to stay organized and keep track of orders.

But,    there was a problem...

 I didn’t need a system with a million fancy features that I would never use. Every tool I found was designed for people with larger, more "established"  small businesses.


That wasn’t me. I was running a one woman show and wasn’t ready to commit to paying a steep monthly rate for something I wouldn’t fully utilize.

So, I decided if no one else was going to make a tool for us home business owners and side hustlers, then I would.
In March of 2021 we officially launched Sift! The app that is specifically designed with small small business owners in mind.

Our mission: is to help you


How we do that

Provide a tool that streamlines the flow of client inquiries, communication, and scheduling in addition to gathering all project details in one place, thus giving small business owners a seamless workflow!

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